NYPost Falls for Gaga/Zizek Hoax

The New York Post appears to have been duped by a ridiculous hoax perpetuated by the so-called Deterritorial Support Grouppppp, an anarchist, seemingly Situationist-inspired collective in London, formed in resistance to the education cuts. In an article titled “Marxist Muse Befriends Gaga,” the Post appears to reference “Zizek/Gaga: Communism Knows No Monster,” a text posted on the site waaaay back in March that purports to be by Slavoj Zizek, in which the philosopher, who often uses examples from pop culture to illustrate various counter-intuitive points, refers to “my good friend Lady Gaga’s theoretical contributions.”

To anyone familiar with Zizek’s work, the post is pretty transparently fake (the anarchist politics implied in it are out of line with Zizek’s particular brand of Marxism, he quotes feminist-vegan philosophers rather than his usual Hegel and Lacan, and it’s not really very funny, to boot). However, the Post breathlessly reports that “[s]ources say Gaga and Slovenian-born Zizek… spent time together discussing feminism and collective human creativity.”

Who are these sources? Not very reliable ones, given the fact that the tabloid has been compelled to append the following quote from the actual Zizek to the end of the item: “I am terribly sorry to disappoint you, but this is all a fake!”

Screenshot from Deterritorial Support Grouppppp