The Best and Worst of International Yarn Bombing Day

The first ever International Yarn Bombing Day this past Saturday promised to unite crafty ladies the world over in a flurry of guerrilla knitting (see ARTINFO‘s exposé of the phenomenon, here). So, the question must be asked — was the world transformed into a woolly wonderland?

Well, the projects were certainly far reaching. Knitters wove their wares everywhere from Berlin to Nebraska to Portugal and covered busts, train seats, lamp posts, and outdoor sculptures. All of the major yarn bombing blogs covered the big day, the official Flickr “International Yarn Bombing Day” page had 77 uploads, and the geolocation tool on the International Yarn Bombing Day blog certainly showed activity on every continent (well, except Antarctica). Here are the best and worst of the world’s first day devoted entirely to outfitting inanimate objects with personalized sweaters:

The Best:

S. Polish's crocheted subway turnstyle cozies, from

A crocheted manhole cover cover, from

Suzanne Tidwell's tree cozies, in Seattle Pioneer Square park, from

The Worst:

– A crocheted rock in Yellow Springs, Ohio —

– A garter on a traffic post —

What the heck is this?