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Gallerygoers Steal Gavin Brown’s Car, Caught Up in Tiravanija Show’s Interactive Spirit

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Apparently, this actually happened at Rirkrit Tiravanija’s “Fear Eats the Soul” show at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise:

A screen shot from Jerry Saltz's facebook wall

A screen shot from Jerry Saltz's facebook wall


The culprits

The culprits

When IN THE AIR called up Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, a gallery attendant said she wasn’t present at the time of the joyride, so couldn’t comment.

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  1. by Patricia Silva

    Art goers, eh? We’re actually artists. And we weren’t caught up in anything, we basically interacted with the objects in the gallery space, the way the installation presented itself. Talk about deconstructing the white cube: driving away in the art handler’s transport, as parked inside the gallery! Curious is a better word than culprit.

  2. I was a gallery ownner in the 90’s when Gavin worked for Liza Spellman …( shades of “I once had a farm in Africa”).
    During this time Eric Oppenheim who was living under Pat Hearn’s gallery, kidnapped Jack Tilton, another gallerist.
    Literally tying him up, so Gavin got off rather easily, no dents?

  3. by Patricia Silva

    Not a scratch, Dooley. Not a single scratch.

  4. I find it super cool! At least real involvement and imagination…hands on!

  5. no mistake, participatory art at its finest.

  6. Yes, it was all fully intentional and participatory. It wasn’t as though we just wandered in and said “Eh? What’s this?” and drove away in Mr. Brown’s (quite lovely) auto.

    We’re both artists — we chose to operate within Tiravanija’s setup in the most interesting way we saw available to us. I think the show was fantastic, and I hope that our contributions expanded its boundaries a bit farther than expected.

  7. Volvos are for squares

  8. Hilarity – chuckle, oops, what, me….

  9. [...] the dealer left it parked in Rirkrit Tiravanija‘s show with the keys in the ignition. We found the story conveniently on Jerry Saltz‘s Facebook page, and picked it up. Now Saltz has followed up our joyride with a hilarious piece of fleshed-out [...]

  10. Get a life, er, job.
    And you wonder why 99.9% of Americans shake their heads in bemused indifference.
    We got better things to do, think and create. Like human culture.
    art collegia delenda est

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