If You Liked Independent, You’ll Love Dependent (Maybe)!

Last year, the big story of Armory Week was Independent, the cool new don’t-call-it-an-art-fair art fair spearheaded by Elizabeth Dee. Independent definitely stole some of the Armory Show’s thunder, in fact, with a few galleries jumping ship — or jumping pier? — this year to show at Independent.

Well, as they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. This year a new mini-fair launches calling itself the Dependent, in clear homage to Independent’s success. The new event goes down at the Sheraton Hotel at 150 West 25th Street, and features the likes of Canada, Audio Visual Arts, Cleopatra’s, Ramekin Crucible, and Silvershed.

Dependent’s Rose Marcus told IN THE AIR that the initiative was in part inspired by the community of Project Booths at the last NADA art fair, for which she curated a site-specific project called “Booooooth.” “There is a distinct void during Armory week for an intelligent inexpensive do-it-yourself art fair,” Marcus writes. “And after laying out the structure for this, everyone rallied behind it. The exhibitors will install artists’ work in one hour and have to negotiate the existing condition of the small hotel room, replete with furniture and all the middle-brow amenities commonly provided.”

If this new experimental endeavor is a success, next year’s Armory Week may well see the debut of still another hot new upstart fair. Co-Dependent, perhaps?