Chelsea’s PPOW To Show “A Fire in My Belly,” Starting Today

Wendy Olsoff, co-owner of Chelsea’s PPOW, tells IN THE AIR that she is screening David Wojnarowicz‘s video “A Fire in My Belly” today during gallery hours.

The video, of course, was removed from the National Portrait Gallery‘s “Hide/Seek” show following conservative fulminations that it was “anti-Catholic.” That act of censorship touched off an international solidarity campaign, with institutions screening the video, and one activist even attempting to show “A Fire in My Belly” on an iPad in the exhibition itself.

PPOW represents the Wojnarowicz estate, and already made “A Fire in My Belly” available online. Following the NPG’s removal of the video, she was deluged with requests for DVD copies for screenings. “I’m still deluged,” she told IN THE AIR this morning.