IN THE AIR Wins Bravo’s “Work of Art”

IN THE AIR is trying to stay humble, but sometimes it can be so hard. Like when we can point out that we accurately predicted the winner of Bravo‘s “Work of Art: The Next Great Artist,” oh, say, two and a half months ago. This is one of those times. And not only that: IN THE AIR associate Sarah Douglas can actually take credit for discovering the winner of last night’s championship episode, painter and sculptor Abdi Farah. Let’s reminisce.

Imagine it’s July of 2009, and you see a line of young artistic go-getters queued up outside of New York’s White Columns, which was just one of the many round-the-block lines across the country filled with contestant hopefuls auditioning to be on “Work of Art.” Would you be able to pick out the winner of the entire reality show, a full year in advance, before the judges first heard the name “Abdi Farah”? Well, Sarah Douglas could. (At the time, he told her that he thought Jeff Koons, John Currin, Elizabeth Peyton, and Kehinde Wiley were all overrated. Now he’s the Next Great Artist. It’s hard to be rated higher than that.)

Fast-forward to June 4, 2010, when after the screening of the show’s first episode it was revealed that Farah had made the cut. IN THE AIR decided to put all its chips on the table and predict he would take the whole game, stating at the time: “If Farah wins and becomes some kind of art star, remember that you read it here first.” As IN THE AIR said, we’re trying to stay humble, but sometimes it can just be so damn hard.