Has Bravo Muzzled “Work of Art”‘s Jaclyn Santos?

Is former “Work of Art” contestant Jaclyn Santos being blacklisted by Bravo? IN THE AIR hears that the sultry contestant, who was eliminated along with Nicole Nadeau in Wednesday’s episode, may indeed be on the network’s bad side. Our sourcing? Jaclyn Santos’ mother, who called us up to say, “Jaclyn is being blacklisted by Bravo” — and prevented from talking to the press. (She also noted that the most recent exit interview conducted by IN THE AIR’s distant relative, ARTINFO, was a bit “snarky” in saying that Jaclyn was too busy to talk because she was “buffing a Jeff Koons sculpture.” It was snarky. Shame on ARTINFO.)

But back to the blacklisting. Why wouldn’t Bravo want one of their most attention-getting stars in the media? Apparently, according to Santos mere, because she’s not afraid to talk about certain “behind-the-scenes activities” on the show. Bravo declined to comment on any of this, but Mrs. Santos’s insistence that it was “crazy” and “ridiculous” to think that Jaclyn wasn’t quivering with anticipation for her chance to speak with ARTINFO made us ponder. And then turn to Jaclyn’s blog. “Where’s my Exit Interview?” read the latest entry. “This is truly unbelievable.”

“Art info [sic] interviews all eliminated contestants,” the post (which has since been deleted, but is still referenced on Jaclyn’s Twitter feed) continued. “I WAS NEVER CONTACTED! I would have loved to do an interview and tried for the past two days to contact Bravo PR to no avail… I had another publication that wanted to interview as well but that was blocked.” Since Bravo arranges all post-episode interviews, the fact that only Nicole was made available to ARTINFO (and also to New York magazine, which employs art judge nonpareil Jerry Saltz) for a chat is rather telling. Reading down through Jaclyn’s now-sanitized blog, this is what became clear: she has gone, well, a tad rogue. She even included an accusation that the rules of the competition were arbitrarily changed over the course of it to discriminate against her. Again, Bravo is not commenting on Jaclyn’s allegations, and we still haven’t interviewed her. But we talked to her mom!