Which Is the Greater Greater New York?

Last week, P.S.1 released the names of the artists in its upcoming and hotly anticipated “Greater New York” show, co-curated by Klaus Biesenbach, Connie Butler, and Neville Wakefield. We couldn’t help but notice that the museum did this a mere two days after the Wall Street Journal launched its new New York section, which also happens to be called Greater New York. Coincidence? Or a glove thrown down for a duel? Opting for the latter interpretation, we decided to look at how the two identically named products stack up — and to find out which of these competitors is, in fact, the greater Greater New York.

Coverage Area
P.S.1: In theory, the New York City metropolitan area; in practice, it extends to Finland, where participating artist Guido van de Werve lives.
Wall Street Journal: The New York City metropolitan area
Point: P.S.1

P.S.1: May 23-October 18, 2010
WSJ: Appears six days per week as a stand-alone, full-color section, for at least as long as Rupert Murdoch is amused by taking on the New York Times
Point: Wall Street Journal

Gravitational Pull
P.S.1: Attraction! Klaus Biesenbach recently took over as director of P.S.1; Peter Eleey is leaving the Walker Art Center to join as curator.
WSJ: Defection! Yankees beat reporter Jim Baumbach left for Newsday; arts reporter Kate Taylor left for the New York Times.
Point: P.S.1

P.S.1: Charmingly dilapidated former schoolhouse
WSJ: Modern midtown Manhattan office building
Point: P.S.1

Subway Accessibility
P.S.1: E, 7, and notoriously inconsistent G
WSJ: B, D, F, V, N, R, W, Q, 1, 2, 3, 7, and 6
Point: WSJ

Fine Dining
P.S.1: Court Square Diner
WSJ: Aureole
Point: WSJ

Deal with the Devil?
P.S.1: In last gasp of acquiescence in its ten-year-old affiliation with MoMA, it recently changed its name from P.S.1 to MoMA PS 1.
WSJ: Owned by News Corp, the proud parent of Fox News
Point: PS1

Ambitious, Expansionist, Workaholic Leader
P.S.1: Klaus Biesenbach
WSJ: Rupert Murdoch
Point: Tie

PS 1 by a nose! But, winners and losers aside, we must say it’ll be a M.C. Escher-like treat to read about Greater New York in Greater New York while in the geographic region of, yes, Greater New York.