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Seattle Art Fair Announces Exhibitor List

The Seattle Art Fair has announced the exhibitor list for its second edition, running August 4 through 7, at the Seahawks’s downtown CenturyLink Field. A collaboration between Brooklyn-based Art… More ›


Independent Makes Its Brussels Debut

The Independent fair, a mainstay of the New York art calendar since 2010, launched this year for the first time in Brussels; it’s up through Saturday, April 23.


DIS Is Feeling the Bern

We know what you’re thinking: first David Lynch, now DIS? But while the shock-haired auteur’s endorsement of Bernie Sanders was little more than a giddy tweet, the seemingly… More ›

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Line by Line: Julie Doucet

“I really need to reinvent myself all the time,” Julie Doucet said during a recent phone conversation. She isn’t kidding. The artist, once best known for her groundbreaking and often very funny… More ›