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20×200 Goes Offline Suddenly as Rumors of CEO Jen Bekman’s Departure Spread

If you’re looking to buy an affordable print from 20×200 this afternoon, you’re out of luck. At around 1:30pm, the website, which specializes in affordable artist-produced editions, went offline. The outage coincides with the rumored departure of founder and CEO Jen Bekman and her staff of 18. It is unclear when, and in what form, 20×200 will resume.  (more…)

Parsing Gagosian: The Six Best Quotes From NYMag’s Epic Profile of the Art World’s Richest Dealer

Larry Gagosian’s power might be waning (maybe), but the mystery surrounding the infamously press-shy dealer is as appealing as ever — particularly as he fights numerous of legal battles and faces almost a full stable of defecting artists. Eric Konigsburg published a lengthy, in-depth look into the life and career of the art world’s most dominant dealer in New York Magazine over the weekend, which will appear in the January 28 print issue.


Why Did Hirst & Co. Leave? A Look Back at Gagosian Artist Defections

When news broke recently that three of Larry Gagosian‘s biggest artists — Yayoi Kusama, Damien Hirst, and Jeff Koons — were defecting from the gallery in one way or another, it challenged the dealer’s reputation as “the leading Lothario” in the “courtship wars” over top artists, as the New York Times once put it. It’s a title he has earned for moves like convincing sculptor John Chamberlain to end his 30-year relationship with Pace, doubling John Currin‘s prices after recruiting him from Andrea Rosen in 2003, and offering German painter Albert Oehlen a greater “global presence” than London dealer Thomas Dane last year.


Adam Lindemann’s Top 10 Reasons to Not Not Write About the Art Market

Economist writer Sarah Thornton got a lot of attention last month when she published a list of her top-10 reasons for quitting the art market beat, citing its crooked, repetitive, and brown-nosing tendencies. Some writers applauded her boldness, but others in the industry were naturally rankled by her criticism, including, most recently, art collector and New York Observer scribe Adam Lindemann. Today, Lindemann posted a list defending the trade on his blog (he says the Observer declined to publish it).


Sarah Thornton’s Top 10 Reasons for Quitting the Art Market Beat

Sarah Thornton, writer for the Economist and author of “Seven Days in the Art World,” is leaving behind the art market beat, and she’s laid out an acerbic list of explanations for the move in the current edition of TAR magazine.


A (Very) Short List of Romney Supporters in New York’s Art World

Nearly every major art dealer in New York, including Barbara Gladstone, David Zwirner, and Paula Cooper, has donated to Barack Obama‘s reelection campaign. But there are at least a few Republicans lurking around the city’s art scene, just not so much in Chelsea. Herewith, a list of these black sheep, according to Federal Election Commission donation data.


Outing Its Client, Artprice Can “Confirm 99%” the Sale of “The Card Players” to Qatar

In a press release announcing a forthcoming study about global museum openings, the research firm Artprice manages to simultaneously out its client, the Qatari royal family, on its private purchase of Paul Cézanne‘s “The Card Players” for $250 million last year. The rather loopy document reminds readers that it respects the “absolute confidentiality for its many Qatari subscribers” before announcing that it can “confirm 99% that this transaction has taken place.”


Controversial Pollock Withdrawn From Phillips de Pury Sale

Red, Black & Silver, purportedly Jackson Pollock‘s last painting, was to take the spotlight at Phillips de Pury this Thursday, September 20, but has been abruptly pulled from the sale over questions surrounding its authenticity, Vanity Fair reports.

The consignor, trustees of the late Ruth Kligman, Pollock’s onetime mistress, told the auction house that the artist painted the work for Kligman shortly before his fatal 1956 car crash. But the Pollock-Krasner Foundation, run by Pollock’s wife, Lee Krasner, never authenticated the work. Phillips de Pury agreed to sell it with an undisclosed estimate and the disclaimer that it was merely “attributed” to Jackson Pollock.


The Strange Art Market Rules of Basel and Beyond — A Primer

In a terrifying refreshing honest take on fitting in at Art Basel, the Economist’s Sarah Thornton published a guide today on collecting and how to approach the strange clique that makes up the contemporary art market. It’s a delicate social dance, to say the least. What do you need to know to act as if you belong? ARTINFO breaks it down:


Jeffrey Deitch on How to Gain Cred in the Art World Without Spending a Dime

This has been a big weekend for art market gossip. The Art Newspaper has this little nugget from MOCA Los Angeles director Jeffrey Deitch, who had a chat with Baer Faxt’s Josh Baer on Thursday at Art Salon:

“The best way to become a player in the art world is to be an under­bidder on a major work of art [at auction]. You don’t have to spend any money. Just raise your hand near one of the top bids on a Warhol or another major lot and Josh will list you in the Baer Faxt among the underbidders.” (more…)