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An Encyclopedia of Silicon Valley Art Collectors

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Now that many Silicon Valley entrepreneurs have spent a decade or so getting used to having so much cash laying around, they are starting to spend it in predictable ways, like buying art. The Wall Street Journal has 2000 words this morning on what the world’s wealthiest techies are buying. But it’s Armory week and no one has time for 2000 words, so here’s the tl;dr version:

Name: Trevor Traina
Tech cred: Sold his company to Microsoft for $100 million
Art cred: Collects photography — a lot of it — and loaned his collection to the de Young museum last year

Name: Lucinda Southworth
Tech cred: Wife of Google co-founder Larry Page
Art cred: WSJ says “insiders have been buzzing” that she’s starting a collection

Name: Mark Andreessen
Tech cred: Mosaic (first widely used browser), Netscape, venture capital
Art cred: Collects Robert Rauschenberg, among others

Name: Matt Cohler
Tech cred: Venture capitalist
Art cred: Collects contemporary photography

Name: Jim Breyer
Tech cred: Venture capitalist
Art cred: Collects emerging artists from China and Brazil (he’s also on the board of SFMOMA)

Name: Larry Ellison
Tech cred: Oracle CEO
Art cred: Collects “centuries old Japanese art”

Name: Jerry Yang
Tech cred: Yahoo co-founder and former CEO
Art cred: Collects Chinese calligraphy

Name: Paul Allen
Tech cred: Microsoft co-founder
Art cred: Collects Vincent van Gogh and Mark Rothko (the blue-chips, in general)

Name: Dave Morin
Tech cred: Facebook, Path
Art cred: Just joined the board of SFMOMA

Name: Marissa Mayer
Tech cred: CEO of Yahoo
Art cred: Donor to Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, supporter of Leo Villareal’s $8 million computer-assisted light sculpture installed on the Bay Bridge

Name: Alison and Mark Pincus
Tech cred: One Kings Lane and Zynga, respectively
Art cred: Alison is a board member of SF’s Contemporary Jewish Museum and the couple are collectors

Name: Art Berliner
Tech cred: Walden venture capital
Art cred: Collects Israeli artist Michael Rovner

Name: Jeffrey Dauber
Tech cred: Senior director at Apple
Art cred: Owns a $50,000 video work by Lincoln Schatz, “that features layered video images of Mr. Dauber engaging in his morning ritual—including a shot of him pulling down his pants. The voyeurism resonates with a man whose industry helped redefine the idea of privacy.”

Name: Dick Kramlich
Tech cred: Longtime venture capitalist
Art cred: He “plans next year to open a private museum of new media art—which includes video, film and computer-assisted installations—in a Napa Valley building designed by Herzog & de Meuron.”

Name: Sabrina Buell
Tech cred: Art advisor to techie collectors at Zlot Buell + Associates
Art cred: Former west coast director for Matthew Marks Gallery

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