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A Piece of Tape From a Marina Abramovic Performance Goes Up For Sale on eBay

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Brooklyn artist Man Bartlett has a pretty ingenious scheme going on at eBay right now. After Marina Abramovic‘s “The Artist is Present” performance at the Museum of Modern Art in 2010, in which she and a visitor sat in chairs and silently stared each other in the eye, Bartlett plucked from the floor a piece of tape marking the location of the guest chair, reports Jillian Steinhauer at Hyperallergic. Bartlett stuck the tape to a piece of paper, signed it, and titled the work, “Where a Chair Was Present.” It’s currently for sale on eBay with a leading bid of $122.50 (up from a penny early this morning).

Bartlett explained the project to Hyperallergic:

“I saw them take the chairs away, and I looked on the floor and I happened to be standing right next to the marks. I just thought it was too funny not to take the tape as a sort of memento. I never got to actually sit across from Marina. I went one day and waited in line all day and I was next to go, but I never got to sit across from her. It was my way of taking something from the show.”

Would-be buyers have until Saturday to place their bids.

— Rachel Corbett

(Photo: Man Bartlett, “Where a Chair Was Present,” for sale on eBay)

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