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Has Gago Started a Turf War Over Dueling Anselm Kiefer Shows in Paris?

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It’s been a hectic week for Larry Gagosian. In addition to exhibiting an eighth of the value of Art Basel 2012 by his lonesome, he’s also been hard at work stealing the thunder of Paris-based dealer Thaddaeus Ropac, who Georgina Adams of the FT reports is not happy about the recently announced Anselm Kiefer show at Gagosian’s soon-to-open second Paris space. Why, do you ask? Because Ropac also has a new gallery opening in the City of Lights this fall, and he’s also going to be showing Kiefer.

Reports Adams: “‘It’s unbelievable,’ [Ropac] says. ‘I have been planning my new space for two years, and I announced my Kiefer show about six weeks ago.'”

Of course, Gagosian is playing for keeps. A spokesperson from the gallery told the FT, “‘Kiefer is one of the gallery artists. He will be making all new work for our show.'”

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  1. […] the current influx of massive contemporary art spaces on the outskirts of Paris — including the brewing feud between Thaddaeus Ropac and Larry Gagosian over simultaneous Anselm Kiefer exhibitions at their respective new Parisian warehouse locations […]

  2. […] market. He even managed to get in a little jab at Larry Gagosian, with whom he had something of feud when the two dealers opened their Paris galleries on the same day with works by the same Anselm […]

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